Rabbi Josh Cantor


Hi! I am Rabbi Josh Cantor. Thanks for visiting my website. I have been blessed to be serving Temple Shalom in Sussex County, and had prior to joining Temple Shalom, a Reform Congregation's Bimah in PA. I am also a member of the International Federation of Rabbis. An "eclectic" group of Rabbis, we all see life through a different "prism"; as I have found that each Rabbi may see something a little differently, but we all believe that we (as Rabbis) are here to serve the Congregant, the Spiritual Family member. That's my view, and I trust were you to speak to any of our members you would receive a similar response.

A second career for me, the Rabbinate, has become a passion as well as a profession. I enjoy what I do and I have been told (not trying to sound boastful), that my energy, and viewpoint gets "picked up" by those I serve. Here's an article, I hope will give you some perspective on why I do, what I do: Now A "Giver"

I live in Union County, which gives me access to PA through CT, NJ and NY easily. I have traveled world-wide officiating Jewish life-cycle events and welcome your questions at anytime.

References are not an issue and even with a website now about 85% of my private life-cycle events are through word-of-mouth.

Also know if I am booked for your date, I will work with you to find a Jewish Cleric who is available for your date. Unlike other Rabbis, I do not charge a fee for this service. To the Rabbis or the Individuals as that cost is going to be added to your bill one way or another. I believe that as studies indicate nearly 80% of Jewish people are not affiliated with a Temple, that it is part of my job to be certain you find a cleric. Rabbi actually means "my teacher", and there are times when we don't "fit". In those cases know that I will happily refer a colleague whom I believe will serve as a "good teacher" for you. Also I dislike the phrase: "Rent-a-Rabbi". It just is not me, and not why I became a Rabbi.

You will find other unique things in working with me. I hope you find them enjoyable; if you don't, I certainly want to hear from you, so I can improve on whatever your issue is/was.

If you live in Sussex County I strongly suggest coming to Temple Shalom, where you will find an open-minded progressive and vibrant Jewish community. I look forward to hearing from you!

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